Synonymies: Its main synonymy is listan prieto (Spain). It is also known as criolla chica (Argentina), misión (Mexico and California), moscatel negro (Canary Islands), negra antigua (Chile).

It is a variety of Spanish origin that moved to Latin America where it is widespread thanks to the Spanish monks during the sixteenth century, so in some countries it is known as Mission, as an association to the Spanish missionaries. Although in some places it is known as Palomina Negra, it is not the red version of the palomino fino or listán. In Spain, after phylloxera it was wiped out in the Iberian Peninsula, remaining only in the Canary Islands.

It is very vigorous and productive, and its cycle is highly conditioned by the amount of load and production of the vine.

The wines obtained from this variety are mostly young, being light, fresh and fruity.

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