There are grapes that have managed on their own merits to make their way onto the list of must-haves to be tasted and researched. Although known by professionals, they can go unnoticed for many wine lovers, and it is a pity as they own some singular features, which translate into rich, different wines, and who does not like tasting distinct wines?

Existen uvas que han conseguido por méritos propios abrirse un hueco en la lista de los imprescindibles que uno debe probar e investigar. Aunque son conocidas por el público especializado, para el común de los mortales pueden llegar a pasar desapercibidas, y es una pena porque poseen unos rasgos muy singulares, lo que se traduce en vinos diferentes, y ¿a quién no le gusta probar vinos diferentes y propios?

Adolfo Gatell, director general Peñín

Es mucho lo que se ha escrito y hablado sobre el incremento de aranceles al vino en el mercado de EE.UU. Prácticamente la totalidad de noticias y comunicados aparecidos desde el pasado mes de octubre, que es cuando entró en vigor el arancel, han sido de carácter apocalíptico, cuestionando seriamente el futuro del vino español en este mercado e incluso en términos generales.

Over the last few decades we have become accustomed to the constant whining of the Jerez countryside and wineries, all of which are desperate due to the tragic situation of their wine growers and also due to the almost eternal drift in the marketing of their products. For those unfamiliar with flamenco terminology, the quejío "is the insertion into the cante of an afflictive and prolonged "Ay!" or of several successive "ayes" which, regardless of the copla, are inserted into it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end" (Source:

The whistle blows to start a new edition of Guía Peñín, which brings us to number 31st in our history. From today you can start browsing online the first ratings of the 2021 Guide, for new tastings will be added as we visit the different production areas in Spain. In this occasion, we start the year with the tasting of more than 270 wines, mainly from the D.O. Jerez and the D.O. Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, as well as some other wines that have recently passed through our tasting table.