Still dripping from our glasses is the wine that we were able to evaluate last week in our most illustrious ceremony, the Peñín Guide's Re-Tasting of the best wines of the year. They were three exciting intense days, full of emotion, comparative tastings, internal debates and moments of silence. For those who do not yet know, the Re-Tasting involves reliving and comparing all those wines that have reached a minimum score of 94 (with the exception of fortified and sweet wines), added to others that obtained 93 points in their growing areas and we thought could improve.

Nos encontramos de enhorabuena, pues en Peñín publicamos hoy un nuevo producto editorial, se trata de la Guía Peñín del Vermut, un manual dedicado en exclusiva al vino infusionado por excelencia, el vermut. Desde hoy aficionados y profesionales podrán consultar gratuitamente este manual que incluye más de 380 marcas elaboradas en España, Italia, Francia y Alemania y accesibles en el mercado español.

Wine is one of the few beverages that can be affected by what the weather is like each year. But is it really important? can it be generalised, should we discard the wines of bad vintages and look only for the good or excellent ones?

El vino es de las pocas bebidas que pueden verse afectadas en función de cómo sea el clima de cada año. Pero ¿es realmente importante?, ¿se puede generalizar?, ¿debemos desechar los vinos de añadas malas y buscar solo las buenas o excelentes?

Although we are still locked up in our homes, nothing keeps us from mentally travelling to other places, so today we are going to take a little trip around an interesting wine-growing area of Catalonia. This is a place that perhaps, only perhaps, is not a trend for many trigger-happy instagrammers today, as many of the varieties that are giving them such good results are not necessarily their own. Although they also have a good handful of more "local" grapes.