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Nº of hectares of vineyards: 818- Nº of vine growers: 1.361- Nº of wineries: 20 - Harvest 21: Very good - Production 21: 848.787 liters - Marketing: 95% National - 5% International.


In the southern area of the island of Tenerife, with vineyards that occupy the slopes of the Teide up to the coast. It includes the municipalities of Adeje, Arona, Vilaflor, San Miguel de Abona, Granadilla de Abona, Arico and Fasnia.


Mediterranean type in the coastal strip, it cools down, due to the influence of the trade winds, as it moves inland. Annual rainfall varies between 350 mm. on the coast and 550 mm. in the middle zone. In the highest zone, Vilaflor, the vineyards do not benefit from these winds because they are slightly oriented to the west. However, the more than 200 hectares of this small plateau produce wines with an acidity of 8 grams per liter due to the altitude, but with an alcohol content of 13º, since the area enjoys the highest number of hours of sunshine on the island.


A distinction can be made between the sandy and calcareous soils of the midlands and the more clayey and well-drained soils, due to their volcanic condition, of the higher areas. The typical soils are called "jable", which is nothing more than a fine whitish volcanic sand with which the local winegrowers cover the vineyard to retain humidity and prevent weeds from growing. The vineyard is located at altitudes ranging from 300 to 1,750 meters above sea level (the highest areas are where the highest quality grapes are grown), which determines different harvest dates in a period that goes from early August to October.


White: albillo, marmajuelo, forastera blanca, güal, malvasía, moscatel alejandría, sabro, verdello and vijariego. Authorized: baboso, white, listán blanco, pedro ximénez and torrontés.

Reds: Preferred: castellana negra, listán negro, malvasía rosada, negramoll and tintilla. Authorized: baboso negro, cabernet sauvignon, listán prieto, merlot, moscatel negro, pinot noir, ruby cabernet, syrah, tempranillo and vijariego negro.


They have a pale yellow color; they are fruity and sometimes with floral scents; dry, pleasant and balanced in the mouth.
They are characterized by their pinkish color; they are fresh, light and pleasant to drink, although somewhat less fragrant than those of Tacoronte.
Although less representative than the whites, they have a garnet cherry color, ripe red fruit and balsamic scents, and a rather light structure.
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