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See detail of Arabako Txakolina D.O. / D.O.P.


Vineyard surface: 95 – Wine-Growers: 43 – Wineries: 7 – 2019 Harvest rating: Very Good – Production 19: 327,419 litres – Market percentages: 70% National - 30% International.


It covers the region of Aiara (Ayala), situated in the north west of the province of Alava on the banks of the Nervion river basin. Specifically, it is made up of the municipalities of Amurrio, Artziniega, Aiara (Ayala), Laudio (Llodio) and Okondo.

CLIMATE: Similar to that of the Denomination of Origin Bizkaiko Txakolina, determined by the influence of the Bay of Biscay, although somewhat less humid and slightly drier and fresher. In fact, the greatest risk in the region stems from frost in the spring. However, it should not be forgotten that part of its vineyards borders on the innermost plantations of the D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina.


A great variety of formations are found, ranging from clayey to fundamentally stony, precisely those which to date are producing the best results and where fairly stable grape ripening is achieved.


MAIN: hondarrabi zuri (80%).

AUTHORIZED: petit manseng, petit courbu and gross manseng.

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