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See detail of Arlanza D.O. / D.O.P.


Vineyard surface: 345 – Wine-Growers: 264– Wineries: 18 – 2019 Harvest rating: N/A– Production 19: 1,062,000 litres – Market percentages: 90% National - 10% International.


With the medieval city of Lerma at the core of the region, Arlanza occupies the central and southern part of the province of Burgos, on the river valleys of the Arlanza and its subsidiaries, all the way westwards through 13 municipal districts of the province of Palencia until the Pisuerga River is reached.


The climate of this wine region is said to be one of the harshest within Castilla y León, with lower temperatures towards the western areas and rainfall higher on the eastern parts, in the highlands of the province of Soria. 


Soil in the region is not particularly deep, with soft rocks underneath and good humidity levels. The landscape is one of rolling hills where vines are planted on varied soils, from limestone to calcareous, with abundant granite on certain areas.


WHITE: albillo and viura.

RED: Tempranillo, garnacha, mencía, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and petit verdot.

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