Cabernet sauvignon

Synonyms: bouchet sauvignon, carbouet, marchoupet, petit parde, vidure (France), petit cabernet (Spain).

This is the most famous and widespread red grape in the world for its oenological potential, and also for the great fame and commercial projection achieved in the Bordeaux bottling industry, where it is one of the leading grapes alongside Merlot. It has the ability to adapt well to an endless number of climates and soils.

In Spain there are more than 19,000 hectares planted, mainly in Castilla la Mancha (7,241 ha), Aragón (3,760 ha), Cataluña (2,650 ha), Navarra (1,448 ha), Valencia (1,318 ha) and Extremadura (1,130 ha).

Its use in Spanish bottlings has been widespread both as a single varietal, with good examples in the Navarra and Somontano designations of origin, and as a blend, especially in some historic bottlings in Priorat and Ribera del Duero, a practice less used nowadays, although not in disuse.

It is a late budding and medium-late ripening grape; however, its excellent adaptability and resistance has allowed it to grow in all types of climates, even Mediterranean ones. In terms of style, this grape has it all, intense colour, aroma, powerful tannins, acidity... All of which has made it a perfect choice for long ageing in wood. When bottled we always find it powerful, very sapid, with marked acidity and tannin and a very long finish. The best examples are capable of achieving a silky and very pleasant finish, accompanied by its classic balsamic flavour. The worst ones show their over-ripeness with an excess of pyrazinic nuances, especially reminiscent of green pepper.

Its perfect adaptation to ageing has allowed us to learn more about its development over prolonged ageing than any other variety. In these cases, Cabernet Sauvignon offers rich reductive nuances, neither excessively animal, nor overly marked, which, accompanied by its rich acidity and its fruit tending towards cherry and black fruit, can achieve an excellent result. This link to long ageing has helped it to be labelled as a variety that offers classic wines, and many areas of the world have used it in their blends for their longest-lived wines, as can be seen in some of Italy's most famous bottlings, such as the famous Sassicaia.

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