Synonyms: aragonés or tinto Aragón, bernacha negra, garnacha negra, garnacho negro, garnatxa negra, tinto de navalcarnero, lladoner negro, grenache, carignan rouge, toccai rosso and cannonao.

It is one of the six most widely cultivated red grape varieties for winemaking in the world. Of Spanish origin, this grape is mainly concentrated in Spain and France, responsible for 87% of its surface area on the planet according to the OIV (2018). Highly valued in Spain, it has not always enjoyed popular support and recognition. Until recently, it has been poorly promoted, although many wineries used it almost in secret, without showing it off on their labelling. Modern times have put it where it should be.

It is a grape of medium budding and ripening, which has allowed it to adapt comfortably to continental and Mediterranean climates, where it is achieving greater expression. It is very versatile. It is difficult to make a single examination or stylistic description.

The fact that many prestigious oenologists and winemakers have dedicated all their efforts to it in recent years has allowed it to offer multiple faces, all of them interesting.  Thus, stylistically we can find it subtle, with a medium colour, fresh and floral; or structured, ripe, intense, sweet and with a more covered colour.

There are producing areas in Spain where Garnacha reaches a high degree of expressiveness, in the centre of the peninsula, San Martín de Valdeiglesias (DO Vinos de Madrid), Cebreros, Méntrida, as well as in the northeast of Spain, Aragón, Navarra, Catalonia (Priorat), or even in some northern areas, such as Rioja Oriental. However, it is not only here that interesting Garnachas are produced; we can find estates with this illustrious variety in practically all of Spain, with examples that are worthy of mention.

In France it has its greatest exponent in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, in the southern Rhône, although it is more common to find it blended with other varieties, where it always plays a leading role.

The quality of these wines over the last few years has given a great boost to this grape and the years to come will be even more interesting for all the lovers of this variety.

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