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Nº of hectares under vine: 5.813 - Nº of vine growers: 1.093 - Nº of wineries: 62 - Harvest 21: No information - Production 21: 15.575.800 liters - Marketing: 65% National - 35% International.


In the southeast of Catalonia and within the province of Tarragona. It covers the towns of Arnes, Batea, Bot, Caseres, Corbera d'Ebre, La Fatarella, Gandesa, Horta de Sant Joan, Pinell de Brai, La Pobla de Massaluca, Prat de Comte and Vilalba dels Arcs.


Mediterranean with continental influences. It is characterized by dry and hot summers and very cold winters, especially in the higher areas located to the east. The average rainfall is 400 mm. per year. Another determining aspect for the vineyards are the winds: the "cierzo" and the "garbí" (ábrego).


The vineyard is located on an extensive high plateau slightly above 400 meters above sea level. The soils are calcareous and mainly clayey in texture, poor in organic matter and with abundant boulders.


Whites: chardonnay, garnacha blanca, parellada, macabeo, moscatel de Alejandría, moscatel de grano pequeño, sauvignon blanc, chenin, pedro ximénez and viognier.
Reds: cabernet sauvignon, cariñena, garnacha tinta, garnacha peluda, syrah, tempranillo, merlot, samsó, cabernet franc, petit verdot, marselane, caladoc and morenillo.


These are the most interesting products of the area. Made from the Garnacha Blanca variety, they display a distinctly Mediterranean character. With yellowish hues, they have aromas of ripe fruit and mountain herbs; in the mouth they are smooth, warm, complex and very expressive.
Mostly made from Grenache, they offer all the fruitiness and tastiness in the mouth typical of this variety.
Cherry-colored, they are characterized by their ripe fruit aromas; in the mouth they are quite tasty. The Garnacha wines offer a good vision of the balsamic and ripe style of the area. The few wines made from morenillo are surprising, with a certain complexity and a singular and pleasant rusticity. In general terms, the reds stand out for their accentuated Mediterranean character.
This is another of the traditional types of wine of the area, either in the form of rancid wines or mistelas.
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