Peñín Guide to Spanish Wine 2022, a new edition packed with 'vino'

3 November 2021

More than 1,100 pages featuring the tastings of more than 9,400 wines tasted throughout the year by the Peñín tasting team.

As of this week, the Peñín Guide 2022 is now available in bookshops throughout Spain, a new edition that brings together the latest vintages presented to the market and assessed by its tasting team. In its pages the reader will find more than 9,400 wines, from nearly 2,000 wineries, organised by producing regions and with relevant information on each of them.

Nueva Guía Peñín 2022 física

The arrival of the new Guide is also accompanied by a new Peñín Guide Revelation Wine 2022, a prize that has been awarded in this edition to Mixtura 2019, a wine that breaks with old ideas and opens a new path for those producers who seek to give priority to a space regardless of political borders.

Carlos González, director of the Guide, highlights that "we are undoubtedly at the best moment for Spanish wine, never in the history of wine has there been so much quality and so much diversity of styles, varieties and origins as now. The return by many producers to what is local, to the plot, to agriculture, means that we have different and more representative wines in each area. All of this, moreover, at very competitive prices. We are lucky to be living in this period".

Six wines reach 99 points in this year's edition

This year six wines have achieved 99 points, the highest rating ever reflected in the pages of the Peñín Guide. These six wines show the stylistic diversity that exists in Spain today. The Ribera reds Canta la Perdiz 2016 and Pingus 2019, contrasting in style and companions in expression and excellence, La Rioja Alta 890 2005, a Gran Reserva from La Rioja with a classic style and superb elegance, Viña el Pisón 2019, the concept of a fruity, fresh red wine from Alava that represents a specific place, a very particular and symbolic vineyard. Lapena 2018, the best white wine in Spain, Atlantic and with an amazing future. And finally, an amontillado that has no end, Conde de Aldama 'Bota NO'.

The Peñín Guide's best buys

The Guide has in its pages a section dedicated to the Best Buys, a section that includes the wines that have obtained in this new edition the best value for money, reflected in the Peñín Guide with the symbol 5 stars. All these wines have a score of 90 points or more and are an accessible way to enjoy the excellence of wine without spending a lot of money.

Últimas ediciones Guía Peñín 2014-2022

Organic Wines

Remaining faithful to its service to the reader/consumer of Spanish wines, the Guide also contains a space where the wines with the organic label are listed, for those people who are looking for wine consumption that also entails the winery's commitment to the environment.

Once again this year, the Peñín Guide shows us the most accurate and up-to-date picture of Spanish wine at any given time. As usual, each new edition remains faithful to the philosophy of bringing wine closer to all consumers by allowing them access to the tasting and assessment of all kinds of wines, from the simplest to the most complex and sophisticated, without going through a previous selection of wines.

The Peñín Guide has a retail price of 22 euros and can be purchased at La Casa del Libro, El Corte Inglés, as well as in specialised bookshops or through our website

In the coming weeks the Guide will also be available in German and English versions (RRP €30).

    Written by Redacción