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See detail of Bullas D.O. / D.O.P.


Vineyard surface: 1,350– Wine-Growers: 256 – Wineries: 13 – 2019 Harvest rating: N/A – Production 19: 2,207,236 litres – Market percentages: 49% National - 51% International.


In the province of Murcia. It covers the municipal areas of Bullas, Cehegín, Mula Pliego and Ricote, and several vineyards in the vicinity of Calasparra, Caravaca, Moratalla and Lorca.


Mediterranean, with an average annual temperature of 15.6 °C and low rainfall (average of 300 mm per year). The heavy showers and storms which occur in the region are another defining element. 


Brownish - grey limey soil, with limestone crusts, and alluvial. The terrain is rugged and determined by the layout of the little valleys, each with their own microclimate. Distinction can be made between 3 areas: one to the north north - east with an altitude of 400 – 500 m; another in the central region, situated at an altitude of 500 – 600 m; and the third in the western and north - western region, with the highest altitude (500 – 810 m), the highest concentration of vineyards and the best potential for quality.


WHITE: macabeo (main), airén, chardonnay, malvasía, moscatel, moscatel de grano menudo and sauvignon blanc.

RED: monastrell (main), tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon, syrah, merlot, garnacha, garnacha tintorera and petit verdot.

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