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Vineyard surface (Has): 1,789– Wine-Growers: 266 - Wineries: 50 – 19 Harvest rating: Very Good – Production 19: 5,978,500litres – Market percentages: 90% National - 10% International.


In the far north west of Catalonia, in the province of Girona. The production area covers 40 municipal areas and is situated the slopes of the Rodes and Alberes mountain ranges forming an arch which leads from Cape Creus to what is known as the Garrotxa d’Empordà.


The climatology is conditioned by the ‘Tramontana’, a strong north wind which affects the vineyards. Furthermore, the winters are mild, with hardly any frost, and the summers hot, although somewhat tempered by the sea breezes. The average rainfall is around 600 mm.


The soil is in general poor, of a granitic nature in the mountainous areas, alluvial in the plains and slaty on the coastal belt.


WHITE: Preferred: garnacha blanca, macabeo (viura) cariñena blanca and moscatel de Alejandría. Authorizedxarel.lo, chardonnay, gewürztraminer, malvasía, moscatel de gra petit, picapoll blanc and sauvignon blanc.

REDPreferred: cariñena, garnacha roja (lladoner roig) and garnacha tinta. Authorized: cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot, monastrell, tempranillo, syrah and garnacha peluda.
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