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See detail of Gran Canaria D.O. / D.O.P.


Vineyard surface (Has): 212 – Wine-Growers: 315– Wineries: 69 – 2019 Harvest rating: Good – Production 19: 174,170 litres – Market percentages: 98% National - 2% International.


The production region covers 99% of the island of Gran Canaria, as the climate and the conditions of the terrain allow for the cultivation of grapes at altitudes close to sea level up to the highest mountain tops. The Denomination of Origin incorporates all the municipal areas of the island, except for the Tafira Protected Landscape which falls under an independent DO, Monte de Lentiscal, also fully covered in this Guide.


As with the other islands of the archipelago, the differences in altitude give rise to several microclimates which create specific characteristics for the cultivation of the vine. Nevertheless, the climate is conditioned by the influence of the trade winds which blow from the east and whose effect is more evident in the higher-lying areas.


The vineyards are found both in coastal areas and on higher grounds at altitudes of up to 1500 m, resulting in a varied range of soils.


WHITE: Preferredmalvasía, güal, marmajuelo (bermejuela), vijariego, albillo and moscatel. Authorized: listán blanco, burrablanca, torrontés, pedro ximénez, brebal and bastardo blanco.

REDPreferred: listán negro, negramoll, tintilla, malvasía rosada. Authorized: moscatel negra, bastardo negro o baboso negro, listán prieto and vijariego negro.
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