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Nº of hectares under vine: 5.854 - Nº of vine growers: 1.260 - Nº of wineries: 31 - Harvest 21: Very Good - Production 21: 14.505.668 liters - Marketing: 75% Domestic - 25% International.


In the northern part of the province of Toledo. It is bordered to the north by the provinces of Avila and Madrid, to the south by the Tagus River and to the west by the Sierra de San Vicente. It is made up of 51 municipalities in the province of Toledo.


Dry and extreme continental type, with long and cold winters and hot summers. Late frosts are quite common during the spring. The average annual rainfall is between 300 and 450 mm. and rainfall is irregularly distributed throughout the year.


The vineyards are located between 400 and 600 meters above sea level, although some municipalities in the Sierra de San Vicente reach 800 meters. Most of the soils are sandy-clayey, with a medium to loose texture.


White: albillo, viura (macabeo), sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and muscatel de grano menudo.
Reds: garnacha (majority), cencibel (tempranillo), cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, petit verdot, cabernet franc and graciano.


Normally made from Grenache, they have a raspberry-pink color; they are fruity on the nose and fleshy and smooth in the mouth.
They have a dark cherry color; in the nose they stand out for the touches of ripe fruit typical of long maturation; in the mouth they are fleshy, warm and smooth.
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