Pinot gris

Synonyms: grauburgunder/grauer burgunder (Germany and Austria), griset (France and Switzerland), pinot grigio (Italy), pirosburgundi (Hungary), rulandské šedé (Czech Republic), rulandské sivé (Slovakia), sivi pinot (Slovenia).

Early budding and early maturing variety. Relatively vigorous but not very productive. Potential to accumulate high sugar levels, with medium to moderate acidity.

Different styles of wine are made with this variety around the world. In Alsace (France) it offers opulent, fat, deep-colored, stone fruit wines, with characteristic smoky touches, and some residual sugar in the mouth. Pinot grigio from Alto Adige (Italy) is less concentrated and aromatically more neutral, with limited complexity. Pale color, light body, occasional floral aromas, high acidity and sometimes a honeyed finish. In the New World, whether in California, Oregon (USA) or New Zealand, there is a greater emphasis on fruit than on the more mineral and smoky aspects of Alsace.

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