Talking wine with... Iñigo Pérez - Urrechu

17 December 2021

The classics never fail, your trusted wine?

You need an open mind and of course, an open palate hehehe So you have to try a lot and then be able to decide for the wine that you know that, depending on the celebration or the moment, will not fail you and that you feel it is very much yours...and in my case, call me a classic, but an Alión has never failed me.

A tapa (or dish) that represents you?

I approach this question in two ways...first, the dish that if I close my eyes I see in front of me and I would say the fish soup that my Aitatxo (father) makes, which is AMAZING, I try to make it, but it doesn't come out the same hehehehehehe; and second interpretation of the question.... what dish do others identify me with... there are several dishes that are very much part of my cuisine, but perhaps the most representative is the Foie-gras cut with crunchy orange tuile, a classic in my kitchen and a must, as my friends ask me for it when they come over for a meal.

Here we are very much into bars, what is your favourite bar?

A bar is, has been and will be a meeting place in our culture, it is difficult to say just one, but I'm gonna go for it and I'm going to pull from my childhood memories, as they are the two bars in my mother's village, San Vicente de Arana, located in the mountains of Álava, very close to Vitoria, where I have played since I was a child and where the bar is not only a bar, but also a shop, a butcher's, a meeting place.... that is to say, the "Bar de La Vito" and the "Obenkun" are, together with the church, the most important things in the village, as you can't imagine spending a day without going there to talk to Jose Luis or Javi.

Who would you dream of having a drink with? Dead or alive...

I am passionate about history and if I go back in time, there are many very interesting people with whom I would drink that glass of wine, but better still, it would be to drink the glass of wine while watching how they make their art, for example, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo ... because to see how they developed that art, which has reached our days ... is to watch and admire, or how they made Petra, the pyramids ... so many things ... that I would not have hands to hold so many glasses of wine hehehehehe.

Song of the year?

I don't know what year this song is from, what I do know is that it's not this year's song hahahahahaha "Somewhere over the rainbow" and I would include another one "Viva la vida" by Coldplay, both evoke memories and always cheer me up and bring a smile to my face.

And the film of your life?

More than a film, I would say a series of films, like those of Indiana Jones, as we are all adventurers in our daily lives, in our professions, with our family... and Indiana Jones, marked us in our time as he made an ode to discovery and always facing it with optimism and being resolute. Life is an adventure and we must not refuse to enjoy it.

What are we toasting to today?

Today we toast to being here and that tomorrow we can continue to toast with a smile on our faces.