Talking wine with... José Ribagorda

28 January 2022

The classics never fail, your trusted wine?

A Sherry. I think it is an exceptional, singular wine that raises the quality of Spanish wines to infinity...

A tapa (or dish) that represents you?

A good oxtail stewed over a very low flame.

Here we are very much into bars, what is your favourite bar?

There are many. It could be Cuenllas in Madrid, where I have educated my palate so much, or El Rincón de Poti in Aguete (Pontevedra) where I have been so happy watching my daughter grow up, but I would choose a magical place that I always want to return to, it is the Peponi and it is on the island of Lamu in Kenya. Enjoying a glass of wine there while watching the Indian Ocean is priceless.

Who would you dream of having a drink with? Dead or alive...

It is a dream that I have already fulfilled. But there would be many more that I would take with José Tomás after seeing him bullfight.

Song of the year?

I'm more about remembering songs that have always accompanied me. I listen to them non-stop because they are part of my life. There are many, but my favourite is "A tu lado" by Los Secretos.

And the film of your life?

I think Titanic is a work of art. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen it and it still fascinates me!

What are we toasting to today?

For health and for us to soon return to what we were.

    Written by Redacción