The Peñín Guide kicks off tastings for its 2023 edition

10 February 2022

The tastings of the year begin in the Peñín Guide, a journey that will allow them to evaluate the most representative wines produced in Spain today. Over the course of six months, the Guide's tasting team will travel, glass in hand, through the wines of all the Spanish production areas, a journey that will lead them to evaluate the new vintages of the wines that will soon fill the shelves of specialised shops and department stores.

As usual in this house, this wine tour is not limited solely and exclusively to the most significant wines from each production area, but will seek to bring together the entire range available on the market, from the most complex wines to the simplest and most accessible. In this sense, the Peñín Guide does not make any kind of selection in the publication of the wines it assesses, which means that all the labels reviewed by its team are published regardless of their quality and score. This allows the consumer to find information on all the wines that have made their way through the Peñín's tasting table without any filters or selections.

Jerez, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar and Montilla, a tour of Spain's most unique wines

The first stop of the Peñín Guide will be the wines of Jerez, Manzanilla de Sanlúcar and Montilla, three very unique and representative designations of origin, which have a wide variety of wines and which surprise every year with the excellent quality of their wines. These are three of Spain's most distinctive wine-producing regions, with highly distinctive wines that are sought after by buyers from all over the world precisely because of their unique character

These journeys through the wines of each region allow the Peñín Guide to capture the most up-to-date picture of the quality level of each region each year and also to identify the new wines that are being produced in each area.

The next destinations programmed by the Peñín Guide will be in the wines of Mancha and Valdepeñas, where they hope to take the pulse of the wines being bottled there, from the Airén whites to the wide melting pot of varieties produced in these areas.

Updated access to the most recent tastings via the Peñín website

All the tastings carried out throughout the year will be published exclusively for premium users who will be able to see all the scores in advance before the new edition of the Peñín Guide 2023 is published in October.

Guía Peñín will be informing its followers of the release of each of the regions through social media, which will allow them to be the first to access the ratings of each new tasting edition.

A busy February of tastings

Throughout the month of February, the Peñín Guide plans to review some areas in the south-east of Spain, such as Bullas and Jumilla.

A new year of travels begins in the Peñín Guide. What will the new vintages be like? Which producers will stand out? Which new wines will hit the market?

    Written by Redacción

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