The Peñín Guide concludes the tastings for its new edition of 2022

27 July 2021

The future Guide will include nearly 9,300 tastings, which from today can be consulted for the first time on our website for premium users.

The Peñín Guide concludes its tasting process for the 2022 edition, which celebrates its 32nd anniversary. In total there have been nearly 9,300 tastings from some 2,000 wineries, in a totally unusual tasting year but one in which great wines have come to the surface to show us that wine in Spain is going through a sweet period, despite the circumstances.

With the tastings of the new edition now closed, the Guide now has official data on what will be included in its annual issue. As usual in the Guide, red wine continues to be the most represented quality Spanish bottled wine with 55% of the total tasted, followed by whites (29%), sparkling wines (7%), rosés (6%) and sweet and dry fortified wines (3%).

Six wines achieved the highest score in the Peñín Guide this year, 99 points. These six super wines show the finest wines from a wine-growing country in a given year:

Categorías de vinos GP 2022

Six wines achieved thehighest score in the Peñín Guide this year, 99 points. These six super wines show the finest wines from a wine-growing country in a given year:

These are six wines whose description and character will be announced next Thursday, but which represent different styles, categories and ways of interpreting the vineyard and the wine.

Along with these amazing wines, the Guide will have 24 wines with 98 points. Bierzo, Jerez, Montilla-Moriles, Navarra, Priorat, Rías Baixas, Ribera del Duero and Toro have in this select group of wines some representatives whose quality is close to perfection. These are producers with an impressive track record and whose presence in this segment confirms how complicated it is to be part of it.

There is a very relevant fact in the future edition of the Guide. Fifty-six percent of the tastings in this new edition represent wines between 88 and 91 points. Carlos González, director of the Guide, recognises that the quality of Spanish wine has been on an upward trend in recent years. "Spanish wine has never enjoyed such good quality, at all levels, something we can be proud of". "We are at a moment of special relevance for wine in Spain -continues Carlos González-, the small projects that we collect every year in the Guide show that these micro-productions are giving greater strength in the growing areas where they happen, an event that is exploding in Spain and that has already happened in other producing countries such as Italy and France".

Ranking of denominaciones de origen

With the closing of the tastings, it is now possible to evaluate which are the best rated Denominaciones de Origen (appellations) of the year. For this purpose, Guía Peñín establishes a ranking based on the average score obtained by the appellations of origin, which have a minimum number of wines tasted. This year the appellations of origin best rated by Guía Peñín are:

DOs más puntuadas GP2022

In addition to the quality assessment of each wine, which translates into a numerical score from 50 to 100, the Peñín Guide also evaluates the price-quality ratio, establishing a star system that rewards the best ratio with 5 stars, 4 stars and 3 stars. There is a specific price range to obtain this mention depending on their score. In this new edition of the Guide, 47% of the wines tasted have obtained one of these three distinctions and 25% of these have achieved the maximum rating, five stars, which means that consumers can have access to great wines without spending a fortune on them.

Peñín faces the 32nd edition of the Guide with important new features, such as free access to the ratings of the last two years of the wines tasted by the team for the Guide, both Spanish and foreign, as well as vermouths and distilled spirits. The latest ratings carried out throughout the year will only be accessible to premium users, although the rest of the search tools will remain accessible to all registered users at no cost on the new website.

The Peñín Guide wines accessible on the website

The new Peñín website and its search engine are now an essential tool for amateurs and professionals alike, allowing searches not only by basic criteria, such as winery or appellation of origin, but also by advanced filters such as variety, rating, winemaking, price or stars awarded. In the words of Adolfo Gatell, Peñín's general manager, "the range of Spanish wines is very wide, varied and of great quality, and this can make it difficult to make decisions. We offer a powerful and intuitive search engine that allows users, the disfrutones, to quickly find what they are looking for and discover new wines".

    Written by Redacción