Talking wine with.. Carlos Latre

17 June 2021

The classics never fail, your trusted wine?

I can't choose just one. I would choose Rioja classics like Muga, Murrieta, Sierra Cantabria or the 890 or 904 from Rioja Alta.

Choose a tapa (or dish) that represents you.

Any rice dish, as the good Valencian that I am. Besides, rice is like me, mimetic! The rice takes on the flavour of the ingredients that are close to it.

Here we are very much into bars, the bar of your life?

The bar at Nou Manolín, in Alicante. I love it.

Who would be your dream to have a drink with? Either dead or alive...

Always with people who appreciate the world of wine. A glass of wine with Julio Iglesias or Luis Miguel would be a dream. They are artists with close ties to the world of wine.

Song of the year?

For me, the album of the year is C.Tangana's, my latest discovery.

And the movie of your life?

I'd go for The Godfather trilogy. A classic.

What shall we toast to today?

Today we raise a toast because we live in times when we need to laugh, celebrate and enjoy. Here's to never stopping laughing.

    Written by Redacción