Talking wine with... Oriol Elcacho

16 July 2021

The classics never fail, your trusted wine?

Mmm...a red, Traca i Mocador 2015 from Más de les Vinyes i n D.O. Montsant. It was a great vintage, and the first wine we made together with Josep Borràs.

A tapa (or dish) that represents you?

Any type of rice preparation, from paella to Asian rice dishes.

Here we are very fond of bars, the bar of your life?

The first wine bar I went to when I was 19, by chance. That's where I was introduced to the world of wine by a very cool sommelier.

With whom would it be your dream to have a drink? Whether dead or alive...

With Manolo García and Quimi Portet, El Último de la Fila, two genius.

Song of the year?

During this year I've been listening a lot to Sabina and his stories of nights and bars that we miss so much. "Donde habita el olvido".

And the movie of your life?

Many, maybe about wine and food, the best one is "Trip to Spain" with Steve Coogan.

What shall we toast to today?  

To joy, friendship and good vibes.

    Written by Redacción