The best buys of the Guía Peñín 2022 for every type of wine

18 November 2021

The five stars that appear next to the score of some wines in the Peñín Guide is the maximum recognition that this house gives to the relation that the wine keeps with the retail price at which it is sold in any shop.

For years, the Peñín Guide has accompanied its characteristic score and description of the wine with the symbol of a star to indicate when a wine has a good quality/price ratio. This relationship of the score obtained with its retail price ranges from 3 stars, CORRECT quality/price ratio, to 4 stars, GOOD ratio or the highest distinction, five stars, which is an EXCELLENT ratio.

As is logical, the best scores allow for higher price ranges, which implies accepting to pay higher prices for wines of higher quality, although always keeping a balance between the quality consumed and what is paid for it.

Taking advantage of the fact that on the 30th of November we will be holding the Salón de las Estrellas in Madrid, a meeting with the most competitive wines on the market that stand out for their quality and price, today we show you the best buys for each type of wine. Take note, you might want them on your table this Christmas.

Solear en Rama Saca de Verano 2021  - 96 points

RRP: 14 €

Wine Type: manzanilla

Dulzor: Seco

Winery:Bodegas Barbadillo

Growing area:Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda

Varieties: palomino

Sherry Week has recently come to an end and in order not to lose the thread of the greatness of the wines of the region, we propose a high-flying manzanilla, specifically a manzanilla en rama, pure and unfiltered, where we can appreciate the style of a long biological ageing (sous-voile). This is a manzanilla close to the end of its biological ageing in which the style is marked by the ageing conditions of the last three months before bottling. The Barbadillo winery makes a "saca" (extraction for bottling) every three months, so we have the chance to see the influence of the season in each of its sacas, such as this summer saca we have on the table.

Pay attention to the salinity and dryness in the mouth, this is one of the best examples we can find in the world of manzanillas pasadas. Moreover, the gastronomic possibilities offered by this manzanilla are endless. It is sold in a small format of 37.5 cl.

Jorge Ordóñez & Co Nº2 Victoria Dulce Sin Fortificar 2019  - 96 points

RRP: 16,65 €

Type of wine: Sweet White Wine

WineryBodega Jorge Ordoñez Málaga

Growing areaMálaga

Varieties: moscatel de Alejandría

In Vélez, in the heart of the Axarquía region of Málaga, grow the Moscatel de Alejandría grapes that bring us this spectacular wine. Jorge Ordoñez is, together with Telmo Rodríguez, one of the two figures who have given the DO Málaga the greatest international projection, specifically in the United States, where its creator moves like a fish in water with his wine importer. This is a late harvest wine. After natural drying in the warm sea breeze, the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts. 

The result is a sweet wine with well-balanced acidity, honey and floral notes. The unctuous sensation that this wine leaves in the glass will go perfectly with foie gras or some creamy cheese.

Enoteca Familia Recaredo 2010 Brut Nature 96 points

RRP: 25 €

Wine Type: Sparkling wine with secondary fermentation in bottle


Zona de producción: sparkling wines (Corpinnat)

Varieties: 54% macabeo, 42% xarel.lo, 4% parellada

Recaredo is, together with Gramona, one of the most important producers of sparkling wines with secondary fermentation in the bottle in Spain. In our opinion, Recaredo represents the most Catalan style of these sparkling wines. We still have to make an effort not to say that it is a CAVA, despite the fact that it has been almost three years since they decided to abandon the appellation. 

Enoteca Familia Recaredo is a superb wine in every aspect. It approaches old age from the most traditional prism of Catalan sparkling wine, with all its gentle dryness and fine, elegant bubbles. It goes without saying that on the nose we will see the wild herbs and flowers typical of a Mediterranean climate and the toasted nuances resulting from its long ageing in the bottle before riddling.

Enoteca Familia Recaredo 2010 Brut Nature

Amon Amontillado   - 95 points

RRP: 12'83 €

Wine Type: amontillado

Winery: Bodegas Delgado

Growing areaMontilla-Moriles

Varieties: pedro ximénez

The fourth generation of the Delgado family left us an exceptional Montilla-Moriles amontillado, a wine that has the nuances of its double ageing, biological (sous-voile) and oxidative. This wine offers the classic amontillado style but accompanied by candied fruit and liqueur that embraces the nuances of solera and soft touches of varnish. It is a versatile wine at the table, powerful, perfect as an aperitif and also for dessert. A living example of the unique identity of Montilla Moriles wines. 

Amontillado Amón

61 Dorado en Rama Solera  - 95 points

RRP: 19,90 €

Wine Type: fortified / oxidative

WineryBodegas Cuatro Rayas

Growing areaRueda

Varieties: verdejo and palomino

Rueda Dorados wines are historic wines in the appellation and also unknown to the general public. Fortunately for wine lovers, these wines, although rare, are still present among us. This 61 Dorado en Rama belongs to Bodega Cuatro Rayas, and is an excellent example of the oxidative wines of Rueda, a wine that is close to the amontillados from Jerez and the rancid wines of Catalonia or Aragon. Its price 19,90 is a gift, like all the wines we bring you today. It is an original wine with a very interesting story behind it, made from 50% Verdejo and 50%Palomino.  

61 Dorado en Rama Solera

Treinta Mil Maravedíes 2019   - 94 points

RRP: 12 €

Wine Type: red

WineryBodega Marañones

Growing areaVinos de Madrid

Varieties: 90% Grenache and others

This is the village wine of the Marañones winery, representing all the soils and orientations of the plots of the winery's vineyards. 30.000 maravedíes refers to the amount paid by the Castilian nobleman Don Álvaro de Luna for the purchase of the Señorío de San Martín de Valdeiglesias from the friars of the convent of Santa María. It is a wine that perfectly reflects the local style of the garnachas of the valley in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, in the heart of the Sierra de Gredos. It is a pale coloured wine, with a rich fruit expression (ripe red fruit) accompanied by forest aromas of wild herbs, a savoury but easy to drink wine. It is more than likely that one bottle will be too short.

30.000 maravedíes

Altares de Postmarcos 2015   - 94 points

RRP: 13 €

Wine Type: white

WineryAdega Entreosrios

Growing areaBarbanza e Iria

Varieties: 100% albariño

In terms of whites, we have an excellent example and the best value for money to enjoy this type of wine. This is a Galician Albariño from an area located in the northern part of the Arousa estuary, on the border of the province of La Coruña, which is characterised by granitic and schist soils, with an Atlantic climate and a very marked oceanic influence. 

Adega Entreosrios is a small winery that works its wines by hand and dedicates great efforts to eliminate unnecessary field treatments, something frankly complicated in an area with such a high rainfall. Be that as it may, the wines are sincere and very direct. This Altares de Postmarcos is a wine aged on its own lees, which has a very fresh, citric and floral style, characteristic of many Galician Albariños. It has some hints of phosphorus and stone fruit and its palate is varietal, refreshing and easy to drink.

Altares de Postmarcos

Salvueros 2020   - 92 points

RRP: 4,95 €

Wine Type: rosé

WineryBodegas Salvueros

Growing areaCigales

Varieties: tempranillo, albillo, verdejo

This is a rosé wine from Cigales, one of the areas with the longest tradition in the production of rosé and claret wines. This is not at all a minor wine as our parents used to make us think when talking about rosés..... France has been able to position these wines at the highest level, and in Spain rosés are becoming better and better, as wineries devote more and better resources to this type of wine. 

Salvueros Rosé is a wine whose aesthetics are not particularly modern, but the product inside is exceptional. Its intense colour shows its commitment to traditional rosé winemaking as opposed to Provençal rosés, which are much lighter in colour and nuances. The nose and palate of this wine are pure explosion of fruit, with lactic notes reminiscent of strawberry palate, accompanied by a floral background. Cigales and its long tradition in the production of rosés find in this wine its best example at a frankly ridiculous price.

Salvueros 2020
    Written by Redacción